Renewable Energy Technologies

Solar Technologies

E2SOL transforms underutilized building roofs, parking lots, and un-buildable property assets into solar power generating facilities able to offset 100% energy demand or create new revenue opportunities by selling your new power to local Utilities or Communities under long term Power Contracts. 


As a Sun Power Commercial Partner, E2SOL offers Solar Modules with high energy efficiency rates and industry leading performance warranty.  E2SOL is also able to offer alternate best value Solar Module Brands.


Roof Mounted

Options include ballasted concrete rack mounts without roof penetrations, 5 degrees module tilt, 10 degrees module tilt, and flexible solar modules offering minimal module weight for roofs designed with minimal load capacity.


As a standard, we perform a structural roof analysis to validate the roof structural integrity.  All of our roof mount installations are designed to comply with respective jurisdiction environmental load and wind speed building codes.    

Grond Mount.jpg

Ground Mounted

Options include ballasted concrete, pile screw anchors, and multiple module rows metal rack frames.

Ground mount systems are offered as stationary systems, single axis and double axis tracking systems able to offer maximum power output generation. 

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Solar Canopy Car Ports

Our standard carport configurations include designs based on single lane cantilever design, double lane single slope, and double lane Y configurations.


We are also able to work with you to custom design and engineer a unique configuration and design details to meet your desired architectural styles and finishes.      

Please contact us to discuss your project needs and uncover your value potential.