Smart Infrastructure

Smart Infrastructure enhances the physical world with digital and technological insights. At E2SOL, we work towards creating innovative solutions towards an efficient performance. Smart Systems and infrastructure become adaptable to developing technology which improves the way energy is used. 



Smart Buildings, are buildings of the future that use combined operation, smart engineering, and are designed to control the buildings environment and function. 


Electric Vehicle Charging

By utilizing smart, grid-connected electric charging stations as flexible energy services, we can meet the needs of the transforming Electric Transportation industries and provide vital electric infrastructure needed to meet ambitious sustainability goals across North America.


Maritime Ports

Blue Isles™ Design offers sustainable design and development services to reduce marina operating costs, improve available conveniences and increase customer retention.  Our experienced team works with marina developers and owners looking to differentiate and better service their increasing number of environmentally conscious customers.

ANTX17 UAD Landing.jpg

Aerial Ports

Blue Isles™ allow Defense, Commercial, and Oceanography applications operate longer cycle times, increase operational mission capability, and help reduce the total cost of mission operations in remote regions or other situation where less manned support is required or available.

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