E2SOL LLC offers investment opportunities in its Commercial Power Purchase and Utility Contract Funds designed to own and operate Commercial Solar Power Generating Facilities across the United States of America.  Investors qualify for fractional USA Income Tax Credits, Accelerated Capital Depreciation Credits, and 20 years fixed return on investments.


E2SOL LLC also offers investment opportunities in its Product Innovations and new venture Companies.  Join us as an Active Investor Partner or as a Passive Investor Partner to commercialize and grow our new product innovations.


Please contact us to discuss our Investment opportunities.



Blue Isles™ Power Docks

Blue Isles™ Solar Docks integrate Photovoltaic Power, Energy Storage, and Power Distribution technologies to provide on-site resilient electricity in Marina Facilities and Remote Mooring Fields.


V2G CarGO Box

Our "Vehicle to Grid" CarGO Box allows for you to drive around with the device attached to your car and generate energy from the sun.