E2SOL helps industrial companies meet their carbon management goals as part of a broader, more comprehensive energy management plan focused on energy efficiency and profitability. Through budget-neutral infrastructure upgrades, such as on-site co-generation and distributed generation plants, manufacturers dramatically reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions while stabilizing energy budgets.

Our flexible approach to service delivery allows manufacturers to retain oversight and control while outsourcing non-core activities. E2SOL’s energy specialists go beyond basic energy services to address energy efficiency in terms of the processes and process-related systems that are specific each customer’s industrial operations.

E2SOL helps industrial companies do the following:

  • Reduce costs

  • Take advantage of opportunities created by deregulation

  • Improve financial performance and return on investment

  • Create a competitive edge

  • Mitigate energy-related risks and costs

  • Enhance productivity and profitability

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