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Local government leaders are discovering that powering their communities with solar energy is an excellent way to significantly reduce energy costs. Adding solar to a local government’s energy mix also offers many additional community benefits:
• Creates local jobs and workforce development
• Acts as a hedge against volatile utility rates
• Provides access to clean, reliable electricity to all through Community Solar and Community Choice programs
• Immediately reduces carbon emissions and helps meet sustainability goals  

E2SOL helps local government agencies of all sizes reduce energy costs and bring reliable solar power to communities. We provide comprehensive, innovative energy management and solar solutions customized to meet agency goals and objectives.  We offer:

• Onsite solar rooftop, carport and ground mounted systems
• Offsite solar solutions when onsite facilities are limited
• Strategic partnership for Community Choice and Community Solar programs
• Energy management and battery storage solutions
• Custom suite of ownership and financing solutions
• Energy assessment and efficiency
• Preventive and corrective maintenance as well as warranty management
• Alignment with local sustainability and climate action goals
• Strategic partnerships to drive new local jobs and support education