Who We Are

E2SOL innovates renewable energy technologies, develops sustainable project solutions, and offers products designed to generate, store, and distribute renewable energy.  Our products and services provide Customers the ability to: 

Significantly Offset Electrical Power Usage and Utility Charges

Receive Government Energy Tax Credits

    Generate Renewable Power

Achieve Electrical Power Self-Sustainment and Resilience    (Net-Zero Off The Grid) 

Significantly Reduce Carbon Emission and Footprint

Achieve "ENERGY STAR / Green - X" Industry Certifications.

E2SOL's offerings are designed to address Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Government, Maritime, and  Transportation renewable energy market needs. 


Whether you're looking to reduce your building facility electrical power expense, generate electrical power for sell, or be power self sustaining, E2SOL works with you to help achieve your renewable energy needs.

Mission Statement

E2SOL transforms dormant property assets into active revenue producing and develops intelligent net zero-plus energy building infrastructures designed to enhance the property value of all customers.

Core Values

E2SOL is committed to delivering environmentally responsible products and services that add value to its customers and contribute to a positive circular economy.


  • We are committed to helping achieve a Zero Carbon generation society

  • We are committed to creating a self sustainable power and resilient world 


  • We are committed to Innovating initiatives to facilitate workforce development, financial resilience, and economic opportunities for our project's communities.

  • We are committed to improving water, air, and ground quality through innovating initiatives that promote environmental conservation  

Meet Our Founder

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Anthony Baro

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